Acsatabit is brand of PT Rekajasa Akses which enter the 4G technology service.
Acsata holds the national internet service provider license and local network access license Siskomdat, Jartatup, and Jartaplok via FO which has been covering more than 240+ buildings covered in Jakarta/Bandung using fiber optics and radio high end technology. We are a group of people who are elected and versed in the field of technology infrastructure/network, possessing soul optimistic, dynamic, energic, customer oriented, visionary and supported by certified engineers.


PT. Bit Teknologi Nusantara established in 2008 to provide advanced technological solutions to cellular operators, Bit has the necessary licensing, infrastructure, technical competency and capacity to adapt the latest international solutions to its local clients' needs.
We create viable, inexpensive network infrastructure solutions by pro-actively acquiring complementary technology and service resources worldwide, bundling it with our advanced technological infrastructure, and enabling clients to provide more cost effective, readily accessible data transmission, connectivity and related services.